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American Girl - Beforever - Addy’s Nightgown for 18" Dolls American Girl - Bright Blooms Dress American Girl My AG Double Braid Headband DK Brown
American Girl Gabriela's Showtime Kit American Girl - Gabriela McBride -Sparkling Sequin American Girl - Recess Ready Outfit
American Girl - Science Fair Set For 18" Dolls American Girl Sledding Adventures Accessories American Girl - Snowboard and Helmet Set
American Girl - Travel in Style Luggage Addy's Bed and Bedding Beforever American Girl BF Mini Doll and Book Set
American Girl Addy's Lace-Up Boots American Girl Addy's School Outfit American Girl MYAG Beachy Hair Beads
American Girl BB  Bitty's Diaper American Girl Bitty Baby Musical Mobile American Girl Bitty Twin Butterfly Dress & Boots
American Girl BT Music and Play Set American Girl Caroline's Travel Basket Cecile's Lacy Parasol
Cecile's Parlor Outfit American Girl: My AG Coconut Pajamas & Slippers MYAG Cycling Doll Outfit
American Girl Decked Out Holiday Dress for 18" Dolls American Girl Doll Beforever Kit Kittredge Mini Doll & 3 book Collection American Girl Gabriela - Spanish Version Paperback
American Girl Gabriela's Case for Girls American Girl LE Gabriela PJs Isabelle's Funky Leggings

The American Girl collection provides books for girls ages 8 and up with a main doll for each book series. The dolls’ stories take place in historic events in our nation, such as the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the 70’s, the Great Depression, World War II and the Civil War. The goal of AG dolls is to teach girls about the past while encouraging them that they can make great contributions to our world.

Doll Collectors Gallery sells accessories and clothes for American Girl dolls. Some accessories we offer include MYAG Sunglasses and Purse, MYAG Pet Party Set, Isabelle Dance Case, doll bed and bedding sets, and more!

Our American Girl outfits and American Girl accessories ensure that your daughter’s doll is well-dressed and prepared for every occasion. She can take her to a sleepover, share tea with her and put her in her own bed complete with a comforter and sheets as she goes to sleep. Even though all of the clothes are designed for their specific namesake, they can be worn with any of the other 18 inch dolls. They are designed to fit the time period they were created for, familiarizing your child with how clothing has changed over the years and opening the doors for them to learn about important time periods in our nation’s history. You can also get My American Girl doll clothes and accessories for your girl's doll that looks just like her!