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American Girl Molly's Write To Sleep Pajamas

Say goodbye to Molly! Although the beloved Molly doll was discontinued in 2013, her story and spirit will live on at Doll Collectors Gallery. Find retired Molly outfits and accessories in styles from 1944 that portray her courageous story during World War II. These products and the stories they tell are rich in American history and are designed to teach girls that they can make a difference in the world.

Molly’s items you can find include striped red and white pajamas with a matching belt, her school outfit, a simple plaid dress with green hair ribbons, party treats and swimsuit. She also has a plaid skirt with a teal snowflake sweater set that comes with adorable red hair bows and red and white saddles shoes. These clothes are historically accurate to the World War II era which Molly is from. They can be a delightful addition for the child or doll lover in your life who loves learning about the time period, loves Molly or simply wants to acquire some more of Molly’s accessories before they're no longer available.

Molly's best friend Emily was added in 2006 to the AG collection. Emily is the 11th girl added to the historical collection by AG and she has a book named after her that you can read as well. Get Emily's purple holiday outfit.